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Affordable & Professional Mooring Contractor

Fantastic service, Jarryd is the man to go to. Service like his is becoming so rare these days it was such a pleasure to deal with. Best around Lake Macquarie

Mark, Wangi Bay

BRILLIANT service from Jarryd....don't even think about using anyone else!

Tony Mowbray, Nords Wharf

"My interaction with this company,  Jarryd enables me to confidently, with pleasure, recommend their services to all boat owners"

Len, Belmont Bay



-  New Mooring Installations

-  Mooring Service,                         Inspection. 

-  Detailed Photos                           & Certification Report

-  Relocations & Removals

-  Beehive Moorings

-  Pick Up Poles

-  Mooring Poles



-  Boat tow to and from                   marina's & slipways

-  Vessel Salvage

-  Floating of sunk vessels 

-  Water Pump out         

-  Removal of run a ground             vessels from shorelines


 -  Mast lifts & transport

-  Engine lifts from all vessels

-  Waterfront deliveries for

    hard to access areas

-  Removal of materials &              waste from waterfront or          waterways 




Based in Belmont, Lake Macquarie Moorings have been servicing the Lake Macquarie community for over 34 years.


We provide you with the highest quality of workmanship and customer service on the Lake.

Our Skipper Jarryd knows every Bay, Point and Bluff in Lake Macquarie. Jarryd has the knowledge and ability to recognise how each of these areas handle the weather conditions, the wave fetch that may be encountered there and also the depth and composition of the sea bed.

Our experience lets you rest easy knowing your boat is safe and secure. 


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