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Marine Salvage Company 

We Are a Reputable Marine Salvage Company 

Traversing waterways with a boat or a similar vessel, has its risks. It’s always possible to encounter problems while on the water, which requires the experience of a marine salvage company. Salvagers can recover the vessel and cargo after a shipwreck and other maritime issues. Boat salvage includes towing, re-floating a vessel or safe disposal of the boat. Protecting coastal environments from oil and other liquid spills is critical. For this reason, you should find a company that has the experience and equipment to handle salvage projects. Lake Macquarie Moorings and Marine Services will take care of the environment and offers professional services. 

Marine Salvage Lake Macquarie Sinking Yacht
Washed up Timber Boat

What You Should Know About Boat Salvage Recovery

Natural disasters, coral reefs and shallow waters are some of the elements that sea vessels have to endure in Australian waters. When your boat undergoes damage, it may start to sink. The first rule is to ensure that every person on board gets to safety. Marine salvage is a secondary thought which you should consider as soon as people are off the boat. 


  • It may seem that leaving the boat where it sunk is a simple option since you don’t have to exert your resources to lift it. However, the wreck can spell disaster for other boaters in the area, the marine life beneath the surface of the water and the environment as a whole. External elements such as wind and water currents can shift the sunken vessel far from its original accident site, leaving with it a trail of hazardous materials. 

  • A boat lying underwater is a hazard to other vessels that are navigating the same waters. In addition to leaking oil and other chemicals, your boat can chip and crush coral on its way down. Removing the wreck promptly reduces its impact on the ecosystem. 

  • When the vessel has run aground, caught fire, or had some equipment or mechanical component failure, it can suffer significant damage. To commence the salvage operation, we first determine the exact location of the wreck. For this reason, you should note the GPS coordinates of the boat when it dipped below the waterline. If the vessel has shifted due to external factors, the process requires skilled divers to locate and identify the wreck.

Factors to Consider Regarding Boat Disposal

Sunk Vessel Lake Macquarie Salvage
Salvage Operation Lake Macquarie Moorings

After a sunken boat recovery, the vessel may reach the end of its life when the damage is unrepairable. There is an increasing number of boats that owners leave abandoned in marinas or creeks, which is as harmful to the environment as it’s an eyesore. 


  • Before you decide to dispose of your boat, you must establish if it’s run its course. If the essential repairs to keep your vessel operational costs more than the boat itself, it’s time to consider boat disposal. When the vessel isn’t seaworthy, it poses a risk to you and your guests every time you’re on the water. To avoid accidents, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a reputable company to take care of the boat’s final moments. 

  • With a focus on the health of the environment, it isn’t wise to dump these materials at landfills as space there is mainly for non-biodegradable items. You can reuse or repurpose parts of a boat, such as an engine, electronics, and metal hulls. Alternatively, a reputable company can assist with disposing of your sunk boat responsibly. This disposal involves the removal of hazardous materials, recyclable components, and those that landfills won’t accept. 

  • The costs of responsibly disposing of your boat vary, depending on several elements. Size, type, and composition are the primary factors that dictate the price of the service. Furthermore, consider the steps in the process such as retrieval, transportation, wrecking and final disposal. It’s wise to request an estimation of the cost from a reliable salvaging company before deciding. 

About Lake Macquarie Moorings and Marine Services

We’ve been assisting the community of Lake Macquarie with services such as crane barge hire for over 32 years which has helped us become one of the best boat salvage companies in Lake Macquarie. We have a small team that brings several years of experience and knowledge to the operation. Consequently, you can be confident of our abilities to deliver results with every project. We’re passionate about our work which ensures our customers have a pleasant experience when using us for salvage projects. 

We have a 100 percent success rate thanks to the skills of our team and the equipment we use, such as the barge with a four-tonne crane. Our tow and recovery vessel delivers over 300 horsepower, enabling us to remove run aground vessels and towboats of all sizes. We understand the importance of re-floating vessels, so we attend to these projects within 24 hours. While we’re rescuing the vessel, we take great care of the boat itself and chemical spills. 

Don't hesitate to contact us if you require our salvaging services. 

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