Crane Barge Hire

 With a 13m reach and 4 Tonne capacity our crane can complete mast and engine lifts from any vessel and have them transported. 

Waterfront deliveries, product removal and transport anywhere within Lake Macquarie. 


Engine & Mast Lifts

We have the correct lifting equipment to safely secure the engine and lift from tight spaces. We can mast lift and remove your mast from your yacht and transport to required location offering mast delivery and mast transport.

The need to have the mast on your yacht lifted becomes an ease with our large crane with 13m reach. We can lower the mast onto the vessel and secure it or have it transported for maintenance and repairs.

We can complete any engine lift and remove the engine from your vessel and delivery to required location. Engine lift and engine delivery is our specialty.


Waterfront Deliveries

Our custom made barge which offers very shallow draft allows us to make waterfront deliveries all over the lake. We can deliver building materials to waterfront properties and also remove building waste from waterfront properties.

Our barge carrying capacity and 4 tonne crane can save you time, strenuous labour and money having your materials delivered to the lake frontage.


Waterfront Waste Removal

We can lift and remove all forms of waste, building materials and have them taken to waste management facilities.

We can have old structures removed from under water which may cause damage to a vessel or injury.


Slipway repairs & cleaning 

The harsh environment that slipway rails live in leads to Slipway rails and fishplates failing. Often they fail with no notice, leaving your slipway trolley stuck high and dry. 

We offer immediate response to crane your slipway trolley back into position and secure your vessel.

We repair slipway rails and replace fishplates and bolts. We can remove old rusted rails and replace with new rails. We also level and inspect piers which rails are mounted on and can replace or fit missing piers.

Crane Barge Hire 

Trust us for a Crane Barge Hire

When you have to lift significant loads offshore, the solution is a crane barge hire. Our barge is unique and one of a kind piece of equipment which contains a barge with a crane reach of 13m and lift of 2 tonne. Planning for lifting goods on land is complex. When you add the unpredictability of water, it’s best to trust a professional with the work. The crane deals with the heel and list of the barge while the barge is at the mercy of the ebb and flow of the water. For these reasons, you should hire a crane barge from Lake Macquarie Moorings and Marine Services


What Sets Lake Macquarie Moorings and Marine Services Apart 

While Jarryd has been operating vessels on the lake for the past 15 years, our experience in the industry goes beyond decades, and we’ve become a one-stop solution for mariners across the lake. 

  • Apart from installing new moorings, we offer a boat tow and salvage service. If your vessel has run aground or sunk, we can provide an efficient solution. Furthermore, if you require a professional tow, we can handle the task anywhere around the lake. 

  • The crane barge that we provide assists with lifting engines from vessels alongside mast lifts and transport. You can hire the equipment when you require removing waste and other materials from the waterways or waterfront delivery.

  • Our team is incredibly professional and provides services such as diving to identify wrecks. Furthermore, we ensure that our equipment meets a superior standard which is evident in our four-tonne capacity barge with a 13-metre reach. Additionally, our tow and recovery vessel delivers 300 horsepower allowing us to tow vessels of all sizes.

Why Choose Lake Macquarie Moorings and Marine Services  

We’ve been in this industry for over 32 years, and during this time, we’ve developed a sparkling reputation with our customers from the lake. Whether you want to float your boat or need new moorings, Lake Macquarie has all you desire. 

We offer exceptional service at an affordable rate. Contact us to take care of your beloved vessel. 

What You Should Know to Float Your Boat in Lake Macquarie 

Whatever the size of your vessel, you can trust our team to provide excellent and affordable mooring services. However, you can also partake in some annual fun, and June 2021 is no different:

  • Why not be on the lake on 18 and 19 June for the annual Float Your Boat competition on Lake Macquarie? Boaters from across the region come with boats dressed in lights to participate in a floating parade in the hope of winning cash prizes.

  • During the two nights of the competition, spectators gather on the shores to watch the rainbow of boats cruise by and cast their vote for the People's Choice Award.

  • You won't scoff at the prizes either. The people's choice award will net you $2000, while the two Mayor's Awards offer $1,000 each.

There will be more than enough seating along the banks for spectators to come and enjoy the sights and festivities, and many folks in the area make a weekend of it. There are many eateries around the lake, or you can bring the whole family and BBQ the nights away.