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We are Mooring Contractor specialists, offering boat owners of Lake Macquarie professional services.
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New Mooring Install & Second Hand Moorings
Service & Inspections of existing Moorings in Lake Macquarie 
Relocations of Moorings 
Private and Commercial Moorings
⚓ Annual Mooring Inspection
Mooring proof of Service with Mooring Certification
Mooring Extraction and Mooring Removal
Mooring Repair

If you are looking to purchase a new boat in Lake Macquarie & require a Private Mooring Licence, click on the button below to start an application. This button will take you to Transport for NSW, where you can also view the Private Mooring Map, which will have the map of Lake Macquarie showing the availability & waitlist mooring areas.


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All About Moorings

Although there are a few public mooring spots available in Lake Macquarie, these are not available to permanently moor of your vessel.  Here are some of the reasons it might be time to start the process of acquiring a mooring on Lake Macquarie in NSW?

  • You do not wish to store your boat in a marina, or there are no marina berths convenient to your preferred location or boating activities. Moorings are a much more affordable system than marina berths.

  • You are looking for a safe secure place on the water to moor up your boat. You don't mind sacrificing some of the convenience of berthing at a physical dock.

  • With a swing mooring, you can have the vessel moored in a safe sheltered bay, or moor your boat close to your residence to keep an eye on it.

  • You spend a significant amount of time boating, proper mooring installation would make a difference in your enjoyment of the activities. Additionally, you do not want to search constantly for open public moorings to use frequently. Obtaining a mooring in Lake Macquarie is the best way to maximise your enjoyment of the time you spend out boating.

What You Should Know About Lake Macquarie Mooring Fees

There are many costs associated with moorings, and it's essential to have a clear-eyed view of what to expect from the outset, so you can avoid the sensation of "sticker shock." What should you anticipate from the mooring fees in NSW associated with obtaining a secure place to tie up at the end of the day?

  • The fees for a private mooring licence typically vary based on the overall length of your vessel and not specific location on the water where you want to moor. Roads and Maritime Service published a helpful guide that will make it easier to determine what pricing is involved.

  • You may need to join a waiting list depending on which mooring you'd like to use for your vessel. Very popular mooring spots can have pretty long waiting lists, and you will sacrifice your place in line if you decline an available mooring spot on the list two consecutive times.

  • Licences require renewal every 12 months. Be aware of when you need to renew your licence and stay on top of the task to avoid losing your spot or receiving fine. Proof of mooring service needs to be provided when renewing your mooring licence.

Things to Know When Looking in for Moorings for Sale

There are a few other important things to keep in mind as you start exploring mooring solutions, whether you want to rent one directly from us at Lake Macquarie Moorings, have a new mooring installation, extract a mooring or buying a second hand mooring at discounted rate.

  • The moorings with long waiting lists are often favoured for a reason, but there is plenty of space available in other areas with few downsides. We can install your new mooring in a nearby bay, once your name comes up on the priority wait list we can relocate the private mooring to the priority waiting list bay

  • You will need to invest in installing a new mooring after securing your licence and obtaining a location mud map. Our team can handle this entire part of the process for you.

  • Do you plan to be an irregular visitor at your mooring? You must notify the Maritime authority if you plan to vacate the mooring for 28 consecutive days or more. The same is true if you intend to change which vessel you moor at a given location.

The Importance of a Good Mooring Contractor

Once you've secured your spot, it's a good idea to know whom to contact for assistance with maintaining an existing mooring or installing a new one. Choosing Lake Macquarie Moorings and Marine Services for mooring certification and other services is a safe, affordable, reliable option. Here's why your choice matters:

  • Moorings can be a complex business, and it's not always easy to understand what steps you need to take just to tie off your vessel safely. The right mooring contractor like Lake Macquarie Moorings can de-mystify the process and make complicated issues much less difficult.

  • Mooring owners face a requirement to undertake a thorough inspection of the mooring hardware's physical condition once every year. This process requires the removal of the mooring block from the seabed to examine the installation for wear and tear visually.

  • When you need to a new mooring, an experienced team and the right equipment make all the difference. The process will conclude more swiftly, and you will have access to high-end hardware for better longevity and a mooring solution that caters to your specific preferences.

What Sets Us Apart as Mooring Installation Contractors?

At Lake Macquarie Moorings and Marine Services, we pride ourselves on an unwavering commitment to quality for our clients. Our team works hard to differentiate itself and stand out from the pack. Here's how:

  • We have decades of experience on the water to apply for our clients. With 32+ years of combined experience and more than 15 of those explicitly spent on Lake Macquarie, this work is our passion. We know how to solve complex problems and how to make simple tasks faster.

  • We provide a complete service, so you never need to look elsewhere whether you need a new installation, a relocation, or a repair. Our moorings deliver only the strongest formwork and the most durable chain available.

  • We dedicate all efforts to providing our clients with the best level of service possible. Quick turnaround times are our specialty. As soon as you have Maritime approval for your mooring location, we can have your buoy afloat and ready for use in as little as two days.

What to Expect from Our Team Regarding Mooring Relocation

Sometimes you may need to transfer mooring hardware from one location to another. Whatever your reason for making the change, Lake Macquarie Moorings and Marine Services is here to make quick work of this involved process. When you call for help with relocation, you can expect:

  • Clear communication regarding your expectations and the work to be performed. Our friendly staff keeps you well informed of our progress. Here at Lake Macquarie Moorings you receive excellent communication whether we're relocating a mooring or re-float a sunken vessel.

  • Fast, reliable, and cost-effective results. As soon as all the appropriate paperwork is in place and approvals granted, we start carrying out our work. We accomplish relocations quickly, so you don't need to wait to begin using our new mooring spot.

  • Precise placement and a mooring that you can trust is fully secured to the seabed. Our skipper Jarryd has performed the same job hundreds of times and exercises attention to detail that translates into better results for our clients.

What You Should Know About Mooring Proof of Service Requirements

When you purchase moorings for sale on Lake Macquarie, you inherit the responsibility to keep them well-maintained according to the standards set out by the authorities. Without good maintenance, there is a risk that the mooring could someday fail and set a boat adrift. What do you need to know about submitting proof of service?

  • As mentioned, you must have your mooring site inspected once every 12 months to remain in compliance. You'll need to produce a "proof of service" for the Maritime authority to pass this requirement. 

  • You cannot simply look at a mooring from the surface and determine how it's holding up to the elements. Much of the wear and tear on the materials of a mooring happens below the water down near the seabed.

  • Our team won't conduct maintenance without your authorisation. We will send you a reminder every 12 months that your mooring is due for annual service & inspection.

Can You Customise an Order for Mooring Poles?

Alongside modern buoyed moorings, we also install and maintain more traditional pole mooring styles. Using pilings sunk into the seabed, this system can provide an alternate safe and secure option when the criteria allows. Can our team provide you with a custom pole installation? Yes — here's how.

  • Let us know where you'd like to set up the mooring poles. Determining the proper location may depend on water currents, wave fetch, depth, and other factors. However, the benefits of the system make the necessary additional research a worthwhile investment.

  • Work with our team on a pole design that will provide the safest and most secure mooring for your vessel. We'll determine the appropriate placement to make tying off as stress-free as possible.

  • We'll go to work, sinking the poles into the correct location and taking every precaution to be sure we firmly anchor them in place. In no time at all, you'll have a new berthing space ready for use.

Tips for Getting More Value From Your Mooring Fees on Lake Macquarie

Is there anything you can do to ensure that your annual spend on fees isn't going to waste? Here are our top tips for getting the most value from your investment:

  • Invest in a new mooring installation that can stand the test of time and provide you with the most secure anchorage point possible. Older styles may not be as effective or long-lasting, whereas a new system made with the best-quality materials offers greater confidence to the user.

  • Always make sure you have the right tools on hand to make mooring easier, such as a boat hook to grab buoys easily. There are many other advanced tools on the market today to make mooring easier, simpler, and safer.

  • Avoid improper mooring techniques which could endanger the well-being of your boat or other vessels moored on nearby buoys.

  • Mooring customised accessories such as pick up poles, beehive moorings, customised moorings.

Related Marine Services We Also Provide

Moorings are an important part of the work we do for our fellow boating enthusiasts each day, but services related to them aren't all that we offer. At Lake Macquarie Moorings and Marine Services, you can call upon us for assistance with many other tasks on the lake, such as:

  • Marine salvage services, even on an emergency basis. Our 100 percent success rate at salvage makes our team the best option on Lake Macquarie when something goes wrong, and we guarantee a positive outcome. If we cannot succeed at salvaging your vessel, the entire process is free of charge.

  • Marine transport and boat relocation. From repairs to anti-fouling work and beyond, we can quickly move your boat to the right position around the lake for whatever you need to accomplish.

  • Crane barge hire. Do you need to service the engine of your vessel onshore? Is there waste you need to haul away from the waterfront or a heavy delivery made to a lakefront property? Our marine transportation services are extensive, and our crane barge can handle the job with no problem.

About Lake Macquarie Moorings and Marine Services

With years of experience working on Lake Macquarie and even more time in the maritime sector overall, the team at Lake Macquarie Moorings and Marine Services understands the importance of our work. A well-made and maintained mooring is more than a convenience for the boater eager to start their day of work or play — it's crucial for safety, too.

As a one-stop resource for moorings, tows, salvage, and other services on the lake surface, we forge strong relationships with our clients that last for years. Discover the difference today and make the necessary arrangements for better moorings in NSW when you contact us today.

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