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Boat Tow

Enjoy Prompt and Professional Service When You Need a Boat Tow

When you need to move from a mooring to a marina, or when it's time to visit a slipway, a convenient boat tow can save you time and fuel. It may be time to pull your vessel out of the water for maintenance or anti-fouling work on the hull, or you may need to store your boat someplace safer ahead of weather or time away from the water. No matter your situation, the right team with the appropriate hardware and experience, will be an essential asset for accomplishing this task. At Lake Macquarie Moorings and Marine Services, we have more than 30 years of maritime experience to use in safely transitioning you from one location to another. Combined with additional services, including salvage, our assistance can be a boater's best asset.

Towing of a boat in Lake Macquarie Lake Macquarie Moorings
Lake Macquarie Moorings & Marine Services Barge for Boat Tows

What Sets Lake Macquarie Moorings and Marine Services Apart Regarding Boat Towing?

With multiple options out there for moving boats around the lake, why should you consider our team specifically? Here's what we do to make our service stand out in both quality and reliability:

  • We're fully equipped with a recovery vessel that has plenty of power to handle even the toughest jobs. With more than 300 hp under our command and experience with rough conditions, we're always ready to get out there and accomplish the mission.

  • We have a 100 percent success rate for our clients throughout our years of experience on the water. Rest easy and avoid worries about damage or other accidents during boat towing and salvage works.

  • Our three decades of combined experience gives us the knowledge to draw upon to handle even the most unexpected events on the water.

Dolphin Chase while towing a boat in Lake Macquarie

What to Expect from Our Boat Towing Service

Let's take a quick look at what you can anticipate when you enlist our services. On the day you require a tow, you can expect:


  • A small but elite team of professionals equipped with all the skills necessary to carry out your job to the highest standards. We communicate regularly and establish clear expectations between our team and our clients.

  • The utmost respect for safety, both for our personnel and your vessel. We take every precaution, and we avoid "go fever" — the desire to get to a destination despite safety risks. What's essential to our team? Protecting your assets during their journey.

  • A fast response time and quick results. We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise, and you need to move your boat without delay. We'll be there on time and ready to work.

What Makes Lake Macquarie Moorings and Marine Services a Cost-Effective Choice for a Boat Tow?

With a decade and a half of time spent purely on Lake Macquarie, our team has an unparalleled knowledge of the region's area and conditions. Whenever you need a tow, we show up quickly with the right equipment to get the job done right the first time. With this commitment to quality service and reliable outcomes, our clients realise the value in every interaction with our business. Find out more today about how to arrange for tow or salvage service with us any time. Contact us now

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