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A poorly maintained vessel can sink, polluting the waterways, our environment and become a hazard to navigation. 

Our team is highly experienced in Marine Salvage operations, offering professional skills, experienced divers & our Barge with a 4T crane, enables us to float any vessel.

Our purpose tow & recovery vessel equipped with over 300hp allows us to tow any vessel and remove run aground vessels.

We specialise in re-floating vessels anywhere in Lake Macquarie.

We know how important time is in events like this which is why we attend all salvages within 24 hours! We always ensure the safety of the vessel and contain any oil & fuel spills. 

Our small team consists of an experienced diver which enables us to inspect the vessel from underwater prior to lifting. Once we have your vessel floating, we can take it anywhere in Lake Macquarie for assessment, repairs or disposal.

If we don't succeed, we do not charge!

Marine Salvage Vessel Recovery Lake Macquarie Moorings
Vessel Underwater Lake Mac Mooring to the rescue
Sunk Vessel Marine Salvage Pump Out
Recovery Of Vessels

In the event that your vessel becomes run aground in shallow waters or broken free during a large storm, we can immediately attend to the vessel. We will have it removed from the shoreline and towed to your specified location. 

Our recovery vessel is equipped with over 300hp and is purpose designed for recovery and towing. Our experienced team can handle strong weather conditions.

Recovery Vessel Lake Macquarie Moorings
Boat Tow on Lake Mac
Vessel Transportation Lake Macquarie
Towing of Yacht in Lake Macquarie
Marine Salvage on Lake Macquarie

We can have your boat towed to and from all locations within the lake, whether it be to a slipway for antifouling, repairs or transported to a new location.

No boat is too big or too small for Lake Macquarie Moorings & Marine Services.

If you need fast response to get your vessel to where it needs to be please give us a call.

Boat Disposal

Lake Macquarie Moorings & Marine Services are experienced in boat disposal and the transport of the vessel on land to waste management facilities.

In the event you require your boat to be removed from Lake Macquarie we can take complete control and communicate with all official personnel to have the vessel lifted, transported and disposed of.

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