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Private Mooring Licence NSW- Lake Macquarie

A NSW private mooring licence allows you to moor your vessel at a specific site on navigable waters. Here's how to apply and the rules you must follow-

What is a private mooring licence?

A private mooring licence permits you to moor your vessel on navigable waters. The licence is valid for 12 months. It will be renewed on payment of your annual private mooring fees.

This licence is not a lease of the seabed and there is no guarantee of tenure. The general position of the site is determined (and may be varied) at the discretion of Transport for NSW. However, it’s the responsibility of your chosen mooring contractor to ensure the mooring and its location are suitable for your vessel.


Private mooring licences are only issued to individuals. They’re not issued to a partnership, company, organisation or association.

A person may not have more than 2 private moorings in the one designated mooring area.

A private mooring licence is only issued when the vessel to be licensed to the mooring is:

  • 5.2 metres or more in length, and

  • registered in NSW or holds a Certificate of Operation or Unique Identifier issued under the Marine Safety (Domestic Commercial Vessel) National Law Act 2012.

Before the licence is issued, the vessel will be subject to a visual assessment. See visual suitability of vessels on moorings to ensure that it’s suitable for your preferred mooring area.

Licence Conditions

A private mooring licence is subject to special conditions. Non-compliance with these conditions may result in the cancellation of your licence and/or any liability insurance for your vessel becoming null and void. See Private Mooring Licence conditions for more information.

A private mooring licence cannot be sublet or traded in any way.

There may also be special conditions specific to your mooring area. For information or issues relating to these specific conditions, contact Transport on 13 12 36 (option 2).

For Further Information regarding Private Mooring Licences you visit our RMS Information page

Mooring Areas in Lake Macquarie

At Lake Macquarie Moorings and Marine Services, our tight-knit and highly experienced team are here to help you understand everything there is to know about this process. Combined with our capabilities for servicing, installing and relocating & the removal of moorings, Lake Macquarie boaters have an invaluable resource in our team.

Let’s look at when a new private mooring installation will be the best choice for your boat.

Here are a list of the Mooring Areas within Lake Macquarie:

Balcolyn Mooring areaBardens Bay Mooring areaBelmont Bay Mooring areaBlack Neds Bay Mooring area

Bonnells Bay Mooring areaCams Wharf Mooring areaChain Valley Bay Mooring areaCoal Point Mooring area

Cockle Bay Mooring areaCroudace Bay Mooring areaDora Creek Mooring areaFennell Bay Mooring area

Fishing Point Mooring areaFrying Pan Bay Mooring areaGwandalan Mooring areaKilaben Bay Mooring area

Kooroora Bay Mooring areaLittle Wangi Mooring areaMannering Park East Mooring area 

Mannering Park West Mooring areaMarks Point Mooring areaMarmong Cove Mooring area 

Myuna Bay Mooring areaNords Wharf Mooring areaSawmill Bay Mooring areaSecret Bay Mooring area

Silverwater Mooring areaSugar Bay Mooring areaSunshine Mooring areaSunshine Extended Mooring area

Swan Bay Mooring areaSwansea Flats Mooring areaTaylors Bay Mooring areaToronto Mooring area 

Wallaby Bay Mooring areaWangi Bay Mooring areaWangi Point Mooring areaWangi South Mooring area

Warners Bay Mooring areaWyee Bay Mooring area

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