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We offer the most affordable mooring services on Lake Macquarie.

Our moorings are designed perfectly to suit the requirements for the type of boat, the winds and the wave fetch affecting the chosen mooring bay. 

Mooring Service & Inspection

Every 12 months you are required by NSW Maratime and Insurance companies to supply proof of Service & Inspection of your mooring apparatus.

We provide an efficient, affordable service using only the highest quality materials. We inspect failure points and measure wear with vernier calipers. Upon completion we provide photo evidence along with a detailed report and certification.

We ensure all our moorings are in great condition and allow our customers to rest easy in the harshest of weather!

New Mooring Installations

Our new moorings are built from the highest quality steel rio formwork, vibrated concrete blocks and heavy duty solid ground chain. Our shackles and swivels are all galvanised to ensure reduced corrosion over time.

Our moorings come in 4 sizes to suit all types of vessels. 

We take time corresponding with our clients to ensure the mooring is designed perfectly to suit the vessel. We can have your mooring installed within 2 days of approval from Maratime.

Mooring Relocations & Removals

Our purpose built barge enables us to lift moorings from the water and transport them to the new destination. We are able to also bring your vessel along with us and connect it to your mooring apparatus at its new location. We ensure to keep all customers happy with fast response and accurate placement of the relocated mooring.

In the event you require us to remove your mooring we do so in a prompt manner. We look after our clients by notfiying the maratime the mooring has been removed allowing you to cancel your mooring license.

Mooring Products

Beehive Floats
Mooring Poles